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Giver of stars ✨


Book – The giver of stars
Author – Jojo Moyes
Genre – Historical Fiction(Based on true story)
Published – Oct 2019

✨ As readers we are connected across the globe with each other via internet. We can access any book from anywhere anytime,but the scenario was different back in 1930s! Library of various books was new notion that time &the wonderful thing about it was that it operated by the women! There was not just delivery or exchange,but readings for all age groups were involved too! As a reader I was smitten by the concept! In process they faced various challenges,backlashes,hardships and the community’s approaches which had both affectionate and conflicting viewpoints.


✨ Book is based on the real life ‘Pack Horse Librarians‘ of Kentucky, who delivered books as a part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library program. Though Alice’s and Margery’s roles are elaborated in depth; Izzy,Fred,Sophia,Kathleen,Sven & ‘The Van Cleves’ weaved background substantially to the story. Alice Wright from England is married to Benett Van cleave in Kentucky,America,his father is rich influencing mines owner. Her lookout was to marry for freedom since she had limitations back home,but realises soon that she just had a shift of a cage! Margery with own experiences decides to never marry and she is dating Sven. She is strong girl among the squad. Sofia is not welcomed by community since she is coloured,but she’s big help for the library since she has rich experience of mending books and has great knowledge of maintenance of records. Izzy is polio affected and shows enthusiasm to learn even horseriding to deliver books. Fred is widower & owner of the place of library with helpful nature. The circumstances bring them together in post war depression era traveling even in remote places,mountains,most isolated locations with mission to improve literacy&prove power of books.

✨Though the book is little descriptive in length,the story is developed well depicting the women empowerment with spreading knowledge in those times! Readers may prefer reading this for the concept and composition of story which is decisively shaped by real and progressive events by Jojo Moyes.


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