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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖🇮🇳 Book – Simon B Rhymin’Author – Dwyne ReedGenre – Middle gradeHatchette Audio 🤘🏼This is a sweet story of young eleven years old rapper whose rhymes help bring community together. It elaborates Simon and his middle grade life. It’s about how he has talent and makes good rhymes and…


The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖🇮🇳 Book- A Cut-like WoundAuthor- Anita NairGenre- Thriller fiction ⏺️ “HOW EASY IT WAS TO BE LIVED IF ONLY ONE COULD LEARN TO SHOW LOVE.” ➡️Inspector Borei Gowda, the novel’s main investigator, is an engaging creation: in the throes of a mid-life crisis, with a stalling career and a…


TheIndianReadingDuo Book Review 🇮🇳📖 Book – Timeless Love : Poems, Stories and LettersAuthor – William Shakespeare, John Keats, Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Barrett BrowningGenre – Literary FictionAudiobook by Thomas Nelson ❤️”Timeless love” is just like it’s name. A wonderful classic treasure with wonderful compilation of stories, dramas, poems and letters. The indulgence in this book is…

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