The Indian Reading Duo Datum 🇮🇳📚 Did You Know? 🤔 🚫Banned books week this year in 2020 is celebrated from 27th September to 3rd October. It is celebrated in last week of September each year. 🚫It was founded in 1982 by prominent activist Judith Krug from America. 🚫The forbidden as said is tempting. But inContinue reading “🚫 BANNED BOOKS WEEK🚫”

Giver of stars ✨

(TheIndianReadingDuo) BOOK REVIEW🇮🇳📚Book – The giver of starsAuthor – Jojo MoyesGenre – Historical Fiction(Based on true story)Published – Oct 2019 ✨ As readers we are connected across the globe with each other via internet. We can access any book from anywhere anytime,but the scenario was different back in 1930s! Library of various books was newContinue reading “Giver of stars ✨”

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