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You are invited by Sarah A. Denzil(Not published yet)

Book – You Are Invited
Author – Sarah Denzil


📌Cath Fenwivk receives an offer to join “The event” – a monetised retreat for social media influencers in Transylvania,Romania by Irene Jobert, the famous bellwether in the world!
Cath is ecstatic to be one of the chosen participant as there were going to be handful of them!

📌Alexandrou,the driver in their journey gives her an idea of the place nestled halfway up in the Carpathian mountains is haunted monastery rather nunnery to specify! The place- Sfântul Mihail is 200 years old and on one fateful night in 1946 all nuns were found dead mysteriously! There are folklores &several tales about it.

📌So five of them,Irene -the model,influencer&cancer survivor,Nathan -the handsome gamer, Jules -the blogger, Daniel -the fitness guru and Cath- the writer are going to be paid by patrons getting livestreamed in front of millions of people. The part of place is specially renovated for the jamboree. Things go well smoothly until they start exploring other parts like other foreboding wings,cloister garth, church even passing through long&dark corridors. The spooky feelings crop up when they notice the sixth member’s presence conspicuously on their self cameras after return. The wolves are seen and dark lurking figure is often observed in background,forest monastery everywhere. Was the shadow of one of the nun in black tunic or the strigoi(vampire in Romanian language)? Cath looses her medicines of psychological treatment mysteriously! Viewers find such and other contents good for watching,but few followers get concerned and propose them to leave and few encourage to kill someone or each other for fun offering cash and ultimately this cursed locus start taking toll on everybody physically and mentally, making circumstances deteriorate. Cath is dubious sometimes whether she is perceiving the reality or hallucinating inadvertently. And there comes a horrendous night!

📌So.. What’s the fate of night and participant’s lives?
Do they all die like those nuns? Well,I am a bit assertive to prevail the truth partially!
But who kills them? How they die?? Any survivor???

📍You really need to wait since the book is not published yet!

📌I could build my own connection with characters since they were specified efficiently. The uncanny write up by Sara has sinister effects with eerie elements and I could follow effortlessly
till epilogue experiencing the fear myself with goosebumps while visualising it.

📍You are invited


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