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TheIndianReadingDuo Book Review 🇮🇳📖

BookTimeless Love : Poems, Stories and Letters
AuthorWilliam Shakespeare, John Keats, Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Genre Literary Fiction
Audiobook by Thomas Nelson

❤️”Timeless love” is just like it’s name. A wonderful classic treasure with wonderful compilation of stories, dramas, poems and letters. The indulgence in this book is totally pleasurable and timeworthy! The letters especially are must read for all.

❤️I’m sure fellow readers you all must have read few sonnets or many of the texts, but savouring all the poems, especially Hamilton’s letters was an amazing experience. Invitation to love, The nightingale and the rose, Mr & Mrs. Dove, The girl and the photograph are few names I personally liked a lot. John Keats exquisite love letters to Fanny Brown are all hearts!

❤️The narrators I must mention are so excellent to such an extent that maybe I would have read just plain,but the way they said, we feel the depth, the love, the emotions getting goosebumps literally!


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