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The Indian Reading Duo Review 📚🇮🇳

Book- Plain truth
Author- Jodi Picoult
Genre- Crime,Fiction
Published- 2000

⚖️’Plain Truth’ as the name suggests this story is about ‘plain people‘ or so the ‘Amish people’  call themselves or think of themselves while differentiating them from the more modern ‘Englishcer’.

⚖️The story starts with finding a dead newborn baby in an Amish farm. The suspects are being drawn and first degree murder charges are placed against the daughter ‘Katie’ of the barn owner ‘Aaron’. Being Amish no one wants to come in support of Katie or even appoint a lawyer, ‘let lord do his will’ is their mantra.

⚖️Rescue comes in form of Ellie,once removed cousin who out of sympathy and own guilt takes the case. The bail conditions force her to stay with Katie till the trial is concluded.

⚖️What follows then is a deep insight into this oh so different world than ours. We get to know very closely how the Amish community ban people for not following rules, how are their sunday churches, their funerals their yarn meetings, managing their dairy farm etc. Along with Ellie even we enjoy knowing about this fascinating simple, uncomplicated, peace loving, faithful culture.

⚖️The further part shows how the legal proceedings are done and we are kept hanging to know will our beloved Katie be evicted??? I quite liked to explore this plain truth. Care to share your experience??

⚖I thoroughly liked reading the plot which portrayed Amish lifestyle along with plot. Reading about this clique certainly enlightened me with many facts.


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