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🎸FREAK OUT(My Life with Frank Zappa)

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖 🇮🇳

Book Freak Out (My life with Frank Zappa)
Author – Pauline Butcher
GenreBiography & Memoirs

🎸 Freak out is an eventful story of a young girl who by chance happens to be in Frank Zappa’s life and her journey in the mad world of this musical legend. Reading it was altogether great experience since it not just takes us through the late sixties rock n roll world but also throws lights on the realities behind the Hollywood’s perceived glamour.

🎸Beginning as typing lyrics for Frank to being a personal secretary with handling his jobs such as running his fan clubs, organising his events, recording session, live appearances, handling his meets with stars like Tiny Tim, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd etc was like knowing in and out about his life with no fancy words and loose ends. It will be insightful for Zappa’s fans since he was quite known for enigmatic yet unpredictable personality. Story doesn’t showcase the depth of musical or technical aspects, but the overall coverage is satisfactory to length.

🎸Miss Butcher has not played with words in writeups. The book is very real and not pretentious or has no feed for gossip mongers, but could have been short I personally felt.

🎧 I would like to thank @Netgalley for providing me this wonderful audiocopy😊
The narration is lovely especially the voice of Frank and his band mates is notable by Emma Gregory.


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