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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖🇮🇳

Book- The Glass Hotel
Author- Emily St. John Mandel
Genre- Mystery/Psychological Fiction
Published in March 20 by HarperCollins


I am in dilemma what to write for the review of this book. I honestly became fan of Emily St. John Mandel just by reading this. I was skeptical writing genre name too as suspense or mystery or magical realism or travel or fantasy or psychological?! It was my first read of the author and like a total package,it’s worth read I supremely believe. The characters, narration, storyline, plot, language was beyond expectations for me. Probably this feeling I got last when I watched ‘Inception’! Book too has dreamy, lyrical and engaging writeup!

The story is set from mid 90s to late 2010 against the backdrop of remote northern Vancouver Canadian island, the ship and the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

It is basically about the economical situation as Ponzy scheme where Jonathan Alkaitis is financer and owes a five star hotel Caiette. Paul comes in picture first who is struggling with his drugs addiction and comes back in life of his younger half sister Vincent in unavoidable situation after long time who works in that same hotel as bartender. He joins work there,but is soon fired from job. Vincent gets in relationship with Jonathan who soon gets exposed with fraud and sentenced for his deeds. How they are intertwined in each others lives, the truth behind the scheme and how people get affected once the big element is exposed is worth read. First Paul and years later Vincent mysteriously disappeares from the deck of Neptune- Avramidis ship! But the narrative is more like loosely placed pieces of puzzle.

Emily’s write-up is so apt and natural where characters make mistakes, feel greedy, develop guilt, helplessness, feelings rivalry, they have false positive hopes and delusion, feel remorseful on loved one’s death, the fantasy feeling after getting high on drugs and the parallel world which is not harsh and has light hearted feel.

I loved the portrayal of the book from A to Z. I highly recommend it to read it. I also got to know about ‘Station Eleven’ book by author and will be reading it soon!

Comment or do give feedback if you like review! 😀


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