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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖 🇮🇳

Book- Double Dose of Love
Author- Kathleen Fuller
Genre- Romance/Religion & Spirituality
Publishers – Zondervan

📍Book will publish in 2021

💖”A double dose of love” is an Amish mail-order bride novel just like it’s name! We indeed get to read two Amish love stories i.e. double dose of love in one and I must say it was more like reading a screenplay which can turn into a movie where twins meet twins eventually falling in love where one set slowly falls in love with attraction and other unknowingly feels the affection.

👭🏻Twin sisters Amanda and Darla live in Walnut Creek with their loving parents. Amanda is mature, understanding and doting sister where Darla is full of life and dreams. She is map of expressions holding her own words!

👬🏻And our twin heroes – Zeb and Zeke Bontrager live in Birch Creek having eight more sibling! Zeke has an impulsive nature and Zeb has more of thoughtfulness and planned actions.

💖The story takes us with introduction of King sisters and their lives from Walnut Creek to Birch Creek to Bontragers swiftly and we instantly connect with their daily experiences and anecdotes. Though their mindsets involve us in their feelings, the actual expressing part comes very late!

💖The atmosphere of the whole book is very Amish and settling. We can feel the way certain revelations affect the characters. We feel empathy which is sure shot way to hook readers and provided with glossary in beginning itself for help.

💖I would like to thank @Netgalley , @kf_booksandhooks and @Zondervan for providing warm and wonderful read in advance.


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