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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖🇮🇳

Book- Meeting Yama
Author- Manoj V Jain
Genre- Mythological Fiction
Published- 2020 by Notion Press

💫 Who is Yama or Yamraj, Dharamraj, popularly known as ‘Lord of Death’? Is he the bringer of pain and death or is it just a representation and he really is a someone who teaches us important lessons? Why do we view death and life as separate entities when death is just an extension of life?
Many such questions are answered in an innovative narration.

💫 ‘Meeting Yama’ is story of 3 men- Shiva, Amrit and Rudra all of them facing various questions & calling in life. They have one thing in common- they have been called to Varanasi, the famous city of ghats located on Ganga river. The story gives background of each of them and how they are called and then proceeds towards how the famous city answers their queries and provide them peace.

💫 Mythology if researched in deep, has many parallels between various religions. This book is well researched one and covers topics from chakra meditation, homosexulaity, history of Varanasi, Yama’s real story, story of changing yugs, ancient Indian history, telepathy, neuroscience, tourism etc. Many known & unknown tales are presented in a lucrative way that keeps you hooked.

💫 It is a must read for those-

  • who like mythological stories.
    -like a travel book presented in a fun way.
  • like to know more about Indian history and veda epics.
  • like deep philosophical questions answered in an easy language.

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