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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📖

Book- An Anonymous Girl
Author- Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
Genre- Physiological thriller
Published- 2020 by MacMillan

👩🏻 Jessica Farris enters into a morality study conducted by an eminent therapist & NYU professor Dr Shields, which promises anonymity & seemingly easy money.

But then as the study progresses, things evolve and get twisty & intense. A lot of mind games and moral ethics are put under observation which leaves Jessica working through more moral dilemmas than she had to begin with. And questioning everything, from the intentions of the mysterious doctor to her life’s choices.

👩🏻 I LOVED the premise, and the narration hooked me right from the very beginning. So much so that I felt that I couldn’t get through the book fast enough, because I just constantly needed to know what happened next. Which might be part of the reason why I felt the story dragged a bit in places. The author duo took the easy way out at the end.

But to be fair, the end / climax wasn’t objectively bad, it’s just that I personally found it a little underwhelming, and not authentic to the character (especially to the villain). It would have been so much better if the author duo had spent more time crafting a more interesting & twisty conclusion.

👩🏻 But again A lot of you might find the end totally acceptable.
Especially because this book has a lot going for it. The pschyo thriller vibes were strong, and it has an intense & twisty story that will keep you hooked. The mind games played were amazing. I ended up highlighting so many passages that related your mindset to the way you behave. Gave a lot to think about.

Have you read any other books where mind manipulation is the center theme? Please suggest..


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