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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖 🇮🇳

Book- Rebel Sultans
Author- Manu S. Pillai
Genre- History
Published- June 18 by Juggernaut

👑 First of all I would like to mention that history subject in our school books should have been written the way Manu S Pillai has. I guess all are aware of Mughal empire and mostly northern part history. Author has covered the rich Deccan (Dakkhin/Dakshin/South) history from years 1200 to 1700 categorically from Khilji to Shivaji. It takes us on journey through lives and times of Sultans that ruled over 5 centuries!

👑 The book chronologically tells the story of each kingdom’s conquest, their rise and fall. It impressed me right from the introduction of all chapters to the epilogue.

👑 The rise and fall of Vijaynagar empire, courts of Bahamani kings, Tughlak sultan’s madness, the turquoise throne, the rebels, the betrayals, Chandbibi’s power to her stabbed death, Muslim prince who venerated Hindu Gods,Adilshahi dynasty to Krishnadevraya’s, the faith of Golkonda and Qurubshahi, the Ethiopian kingmaker, King Shivaji’s Maratha empire and Sambhaji’s death and barbarism.

👑 I, basically not being comfortable in reading Hindi  attempted to hear Bagi Sultan (Rebel Sultan) on Audible And I super loved it. The narrative is no doubt beautiful, but I loved listening in the crisp, clear and impressive voice of Ram Gopal Sharma.

👑 I felt like I once again visited my school days reading this rich history of my country.
The rich research of events of history, perfect details of them through his poetic prowess and well written anecdotes with ultimate combination of dry humour certainly made me admirer of his work.

👑 No doubt Manu got Sahitya Academy Award of India for his work at such young age of 27 years!

Which history book impressed you? Can you reply?


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