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🦚KARTIKEYA – The Destroyer’s Son

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖 🇮🇳

Anuja Chandramouli’s KartikeyaThe destroyer’s son

Book Review 🇮🇳📚

Book- Kartikeya – The Destroyer’s Son
Author- Anuja Chandramouli
Genre- Mythological fiction
Published- 2017 by Rupa Publications

🦚I am a die-hard mythological fiction fan. I tend to like re reading all the epic over shadowed characters . When I discovered thr author Anuja and saw the books she wrote, I couldn’t resist picking them up back to back. This book i read with my son ( who throughly enjoyed listening about Ganesha’s lesser known sibling )

🦚 Anuja, in her book about touches upon various topics like good vs. evil, familial feuds, the meaning and importance of letting go, values and principles.

🦚 Indra has lost his throne to Soorapadma, one of the three sons of Maya. The three asuras are wreaking havoc on the earth and the one destined to end this havoc is yet to be born. Shiva is still reeling under the impact of the loss of his beloved Shakti and despite she being returned to him in the form of Parvati, it is becoming hard for him to consummate the marriage.

🦚 The story takes us through the forced yet powerful birth of Kartikeya, owing to the impatience of devas, and to his further life where he performs the deeds he was destined for.

🦚 History is always written by the victors and naturally the loser’s point of view is always lesser known and many times, bitter. Anuja’s book gives it its due importance. Evil has its principles too and most often than not, the victor is more likely to play the dirtier game. So who wins eventually?

🦚 Indra, despite being a God, is conflicted in his ethics and morals. So was the evil one taking a high moral ground here or just being arrogant?

🦚 Should one wait for the leaders to guide them out of their problems or put all that effort in pulling themselves out?

🦚 Above few and some more philosophical questions have been reflected upon in the book subtly. The sibling relationship between Kartikeya and Nesha and later Kartikeya and Ganesha is also very beautifully portrayed.

🦚 If you want to read a mythological fiction about a God less narrated in contemporary mytho-fiction, pick this one up. The language is lyrical and certain passages, when read aloud, sound almost mystical owing to some brilliant usage of words.

🦚 I am picking up next ‘Shakti’ by Anuja. I really don’t know why I took so long to discover her. She is a gem.


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