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The Indian Reading Duo AudioBook Review 📖 🇮🇳

Book – The Cul De Sac War
Author – Melissa Ferguson
Genre – Fiction Romcom

Publishing on 10th November by Thomasnelson

I thank Netgalley Thomasnelson and Melissa Ferguson(author) for providing me this romcom’s advance audiocopy.

All is fair in love and prank wars!!!

⚔️❤️After success of “The dating charade” Melissa has come up with this hilarious romcom. After a long time I read and enjoyed the funny & fussy, infuriating and goofy love story where both are at tug of war all the time!

⚔️❤️So basically Bree Leake gets unexpected opportunity of having her dream home of her grandma & professional offer and amidst her own conflicts she ends up having encounters with her annoying and unavoidable next door neighbour Chip Mcbride. She is ready to move mountains and  have him off her cul – de – sac and out of her life, but she’s stuck and can’t leave her house!

⚔️❤️I honestly took little time to get into the hang of the story on audio since there was single narrator for both female and male voices! But once Bree-Chip banter began,I could not stop myself! I mean who will think of romance the way they hated like enemies totally plotting against each other?! The side characters like Andy or Cassie or Bree’s parents were likeable too.

⚔️❤️I recently had a soft and emotional angles on reading lovestories, so this enemies turned lovers with their innovative pranks was a goodread I enjoyed and the language is easy and funny. Epilogue was satisfactory too!


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