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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖🇮🇳

Book- Past Dwellers
Author- Samridh Seth
Genre- Self help/ Motivational
Published- 2020 by Authors Upfront

🧠 As the name of the book suggests, the first few chapters explain what ‘Past Dwellers’ mean- people who tend to live in their memories rather than present. The author tries to explain in very easy language how to move on with our past and focus on shaping our future.

🧠 The best part of the book is that

✅its a small, easy to read the book.

✅taking each chapter a day you learn one virtue and lesson daily.

✅the author has used everyday situations and easy examples to teach different virtues.

🧠 Frankly, I don’t usually pick motivational or self-help books, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one because of the way the author found lessons in every situation like the barking of the dogs or the palm trees. It makes you think that there is a lot we can learn, we just need an eye to see it! The author covers all topics like time management,  anger control, procrastination, vision setting,goal setting etc.

A must-read book


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