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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📖 🇮🇳

Book – The Open House
Author – Sam Carrington
Genre – Thriller Fiction
Publication – Avon, HarperCollins UK

This book will publish on 10th December 20

🏡This is thrilling, exhilarating mystery where from the start you don’t know what exactly is going to happen and till the end you don’t know what twist might come next.

I thank Netgalley, Avon books Harper Collins uk and Sam Carrington for providing me advance review copy ❤

🏡The story is beautifully written with the proper amount of mystery added right from the start. The story moves in chapters.The first being

⚪Amber, mother of two kids – Leo and Finley who just has separated from her husband Nick

⚪The next chapter is from Barbs, Nick’s mothers point of view where she desperately wants to keep her sons family intact, stop Amber from selling their ancestral home and move out of town with her boyfriend Richard.

⚪The next chapter is written from the culprits point of view where we come to know something bad is happening, but not exactly who does it and how! This chapter connects with you, builds the mystery, keeps you intrigued as we all know the house has strange happenings after 13 people enter to view it and only 12 come out.

🏡 The story connects with the reader right from the start and you are kept hanging and praying for the well being of the kids and all the characters. Things move in the house mysteriously so there is a spooky angle as well, so makes up for a nice October Halloween read.

🏡The best part is the end. The last 50 pages read is unexpectedly the high point of the book with so many twists and secrets unraveling that once the book ends you are like OMG!! This was Totally unexpected.

🏡A must read, spooky,  intriguing, neat mystery with no trigger warnings or dark secrets.


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