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➡️The Christmas🎄Swap⬅️

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📚

Book – Christmas Swap
Author – Sandy Barker
Genre – Romance novel/ Holiday Fiction
Published – 16th October 20 by Haper Collins

The Christmas Swap by Sandy Barker

❤🎄An eminently readable book I believe. You will definitely fall in love with this contemporary romance novel.

❤️🎄Christmas is coming and Chloe, Jules and Lucy three childhood friends are desperately in need for changes in their lives now and swapping homes is perfect solution for them.

❤️🎄The switching locations are Oxfordshire cozy village of England, pefect snowy Breckenbridge in Colorado,America and the serene beach of Melbourne in Australia. Isn’t it amazing? I mean one would really love the change after monotonous stay of location in life and cherry on top finding the love of life too! The Christmas indeed brought the true happiness as present in their lives.

❤️🎄Honestly while reading we do tend to feel infatuation for character in romance reads,but here there are three of them! The gals are very real and sweet especially Chloe. The backdrop is gorgeous for the respective lovestories.

❤️🎄Sandy has nicely written light hearted romance, humour, family gatherings fun, friendship, snowy white Christmas, breezy beach times, nice portrayal of Christmas traditions, three beautiful relationships, the festival and much more…all wrapped in love❤️


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