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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📚

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

✒How great it would be if you could just blend in the crowd and become invisible, do what you like unnoticed, but along with it comes a risk. This is what was being explored by

Saffyre,  a 17 year old girl who suffers from childhood trauma. The story introduces her  therapist Roan Fours, his wife Cate, daughter Georgia and son Josh. Then there is their weird neighbor Owen and lot of sexual assaults on their nearby places. How do all these people interact and their stories interweave will keep you hooked.

✒ Do read this book for the following points
– for a strong story where every character has a dark side, hidden secrets that you can’t wait to be revealed.
– nice mystery and suspense that doesn’t have any trigger warnings and is easy to read.
– to know how social issues like rape fantasies, childhood trauma, hidden identites, misfits should be handled.
flawless plot where you don’t know how the book will end till the end ( rare in these times specially if you read a lot)
-insights into the human mind that will make you think a lot for days afterwards.

💎Gem of a book and a perfect weekend read.


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