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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review

10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. As an ode to the day I had picked up the book ” The unsolved case of an Indian woman” by Puneeth JH. And let me tell you all its written so beautifully, explaining concepts in lament language and easy words that I completed the book in a day.

An ode to mental health day!
The unsolved case of an Indian woman
by Puneeth JH

漎儭The book has various chapters dedicated to different characters and present the story in their view.

The protagonists are
Sneha – an orphan who lives with her married sister and has to bear her wrath, she dreams of committing suicide many times.

Meena- 3rd daughter in a poor family, all she craves is for her mothers affection, a mother who is too busy working to provide good education for her kids.

Ms.Tandel on whom the story is more focused. She is a famous lawyer known to support just causes and obsessed with punishing the evil. She recieves death threatening notes which the police dismiss as her own paranoia. To help her with her stress she visits doctor.

Dr.Patel , a renowned psychiatrist who helped Ms. Tandel.

How their stories interweave will keep you stumped.

漎儭Mental health and related issues are rarely spoken in Indian context. I really liked the book for the following reasons.

∴it focused on lesser spoken Indian history- the Portugal colonies, how it affected the locals, the illegal immigrants, the illegal liquor trade and many more such points.

∴ it tried explaing schizophrenia and its effects in a very simple way.

∴ it had the right number of twists and turns for you to keep reading.

∴it had an open ending. As the name suggests you would keep guessing how the case of the Indian woman must have turned out.

Such books give a lot to discuss in your book clubs and hence my favorite- a little to imagine, a little to interpret and think about for days.


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