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Shadow Princess 👸

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📚

Book- Shadow Princess
Author- Indu Sundaresen
Genre- Historical Fiction/Romantic Biographical fiction
Published- 2010


👸This is the 3rd book in the famous Taj Mahal Trilogy series.
The story continues and now in focus are 2 more powerful and smart women from the royal imperial harem-princess Janahara and  Roshanara.

👸Being royal princess they are not allowed to marry but they keep plotting who will be the next heir and having affairs. They are in constant competition for power over the harem, their fathers affection who frankly is too busy pinning over his dead wife.

👸After the emperor Jahangir is home arrested, and Aurangzeb seized the throne, the sisters fight dont stop, Janhara being the only princess to be the Empress of India and Roshanara putting in her best to shape the future. Unfortunately both of their efforts and schemes are eclipsed during and after their lives as they live in the shadow of the famous monument- The Taj Mahal.

👸This part is a bit slower than the first two parts, but gives complete closure to the series. Its like India’s own Game Of Thrones with all the power, polticis, drama, betrayal and love interweave with historical facts.


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