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The Twentieth Wife👸

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📚🇮🇳1️⃣

Book- The twentieth wife
Author- Indu Sundaresen
Genre- Historical Fiction/Romantic Biographical fiction
Published- 2002
Publisher- Simon and Schuster

👸This is the 1st book in the famous Taj Mahal Trilogy series. It begins in 1577 when Mehrunissa was born , left on a roadside due to poverty and returned due to a miracle.


👸We all know she traveled the length of politics, fell in love with Salim ( the mughal Emperor, Jahangir) and became the only Empress to mint coins in her name. For 15 years, she captured Salim’s love, never letting him re marry and ruled in his pseudo name.

👸 The known story is presented with thought provoking language the book ending with her becoming Nur Jahan and getting her neice Arjunmand ( who later became Mumtaz Mahal) married with the royal prince.

👸 Nur Jahan ( meaning Light Of The World) was ahead of her time, always fought for her goals and this book leaves you with 2 things- the courage to follow your dreams and know that its never too late and secondly, the immense desire to immediately pick up the next book and know how their lives interweave.

👸The book is also made into a show Siyassat which was telecasted on the Indian Epic Channel. The book along with the show is a must read and watch.


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