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The Feast of Roses🌹

The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 📚🇮🇳2️⃣

Book- The feast of roses
Author- Indu Sundaresen
Genre- Historical Fiction/Romantic Biographical fiction
Published- 2003

🌹This is the 2nd book in the famous Taj Mahal Trilogy series. It follows the downfall of Nur Jahan and rise in power of Mehrunissa who was married to emperor Jahangir later renamed as Nur Jahan. She was the twentieth and last wife of Jahangir.


🌹Following her aunts footsteps she also made her place in history by being the only women to accompany the emperor on Jharoka-the personal viewing of emperor for any subject.  She also started giving advice on political matters leaving Sharif and Mahabat Khan the advisors as mere labels. She had the royal badges and could issue orders, in short other than the name title she was the emperor.

🌹This is a story of power, revenge, feminism and Love. Frankly the 2nd book as compared to 1st is a bit slow and there is repeatation of many things from the 1st part. But still give it a read to know the complete history, to know how a mere common born girl got the Taj Mahal built in her memory.


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