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The Indian Reading Duo Datum 🇮🇳📚

Did You Know? 🤔

🚫Banned books week this year in 2020 is celebrated from 27th September to 3rd October. It is celebrated in last week of September each year.

🚫It was founded in 1982 by prominent activist Judith Krug from America.

🚫The forbidden as said is tempting. But in case you are wondering why the books are banned,here is simple explanation for that. The content of the books are sometimes controversial, censored, baseless, provocative, politically incorrect, feminist, misguiding or misleading.

🚫For each country the banned books are different. The most famous/infamous books are prominently Nazi oriented or WW2 books, Lolita, to kill a mockingbird, 13 reasons why and many many more.

🚫We live in India and banned books in India includes Syesha by Kurt Fischer,Nehru:Political Biography by Michael Edwardes,Freedom at midnight by Larry& Dominique, Who killed Gandhi by Laourenco,Satanic verses by Salman Rushdie etc.. Mostly the books are written by non Indian authors for objectionable content depicting wrong picture.

🚫If you want to know more information about it,you may Google it for your country.

🚫Happy banned books reading if you are planning! 😀


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