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Book Review by The Indian Reading Duo 🇮🇳📚

Book- Salvation of a saint
Author- Keigo Higashino translated by Alexander O Smith
Genre- Crime Fiction
Published- 2012

💧Yoshitaka Mashiba got killed due to arsenic poisoning in his coffee. The suspects– his wife Ayane was thousand of miles away. The other suspect his wife’s apprentice Hiromi who had an affair with Yoshitaka. The poison was inserted at a time when he was alone and as per the forensic reports he died when someone immediately poisoned him. So who did it? Hiromi who was in the class or Ayane who was at her parents house? How did they manage to pull of such an ‘unimaginable ‘ crime?

Best Japanese Thriller- Salvation of a saint

💧This book is a perfect crime mystery novel where the suspect is clear right from the beginning. But how the crime is committed,  the reason behind its planning and the detailed execution of the murder forms the entire story like of the book.

💧Keigo is superb mystery author and I wish more of his books were translated and available for reading.. This is a must read for all mystery lovers, who love mystery in the true sense of it ( without any sadist, physiological , twisted or dark characters )


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