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Book Review by The Indian Reading Duo 🇮🇳📚

Book – Many lives, many masters Author – Dr.Brian Weiss                   Genre – Biography

Dr. Brian Weiss has penned amazing writeup in this Biography. It can be ready by all age categories right from children to adults.

This book is real life account of a hypnotist and his female patient which describes all major events from her previous births.

He basically hypnotizes her to find the source of her phobias. This narration is actually in her perspective where she opens up about exact and accurate events from her past lives!

Sometimes you do have a Deja vu feeling. You feel like you are an old soul. You do get intuition of situations occurred before with you despite being first time. You feel you heard this before or this happened with you or you have been to this place. We never can fathom the intensity of such situations. But apparently in book through hypnotism she interprets her old lives perfectly and fact is this is true story!

Dr. Weiss himself was shocked and skeptical both with the unraveling findings. Her recurring nightmares and anxiety subsided with her sharing. Dr. Weiss also finds out about his dead son. It is very relatable easy to understand and you can learn so much from everything.

You discover the fissures and bonds between the characters and related past lives and this is where we begin to relate what may have happened earlier. We on our own read between the lines. I liked this book merely being the biography genre portraying the true events and facts.


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