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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📚

tally in love❤️
By Belinda Missen

📍Yet to be published.

💕I wish to thank @belindamissen
@Hqstories and
@Netgalley for the privilege to receive this Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

💕’Accidentally in love’ was sweet delightful read I had after my serious book list!
Honestly I loved the pink cover of it where a gal sitting carefree, boy looking grumpy are surrounded by scattered tripod,camera,art gallery pics in background! The introduction ‘Sometimes romance blossoms where you least expect it….’ made me explore it on lazy weekend in one go to find out how!?! 🙃

We actually find their romance blossoming where least expected!💗

💕We meet thirty five years old Katherine, the confident,self reliant girl working as curator in art gallery in London having pally times with her bestie Lainey and loves to spend weekend with John,a friend with benefits! Away from this hustle bustle of London, in Sheffield we find Kit aka Christopher who runs an art school. How those two headstrong ends meet each other completing the circle, rather heart leading us to read their love-hate sparked romantic liasions where it was more like enemies turning into lovers! It also covers Kat’s progressive journey from beginner as curator to exhibited artist!

💕I loved the fact it is not bookish fictional hard-core romance because in reality we do come across unsuitable situations. Practically it is not always hunky dory as they mention sometimes in books or movies. And individually we do find our own love stories special as they are closed to our heart!

💕 The book gave me honest, justified, heart warming and satisfactory epilogue. 💕


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