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The Indian Reading Duo Book Review 🇮🇳📚

Book – Twelve days of Christmas
Author – Trisha Ashley
Genre – Romance

Trisha has written many books and is famous for publishing book right before Christmas. She comes with rom coms and jovial light read stories which we simply need as refreshers or fillers between other genres such as suspense, horror or thriller,historical,scifi, biographies or any for that matter!!

A perfect sweet rom-com by Trisha❤️

Holly Brown raised by her grandmother is widow who doesn’t enjoy Christmas since eight years after death of her husband and finds a good reason this year to occupy herself in her professional house sitter job by visiting ‘Old place’ house on the Lankashire moors. Story very affectionately shows her reading journals from her granny simultaneously. Cupid plays it’s role in her life by sending a suitable match Jude Martland who himself is upset in life for discovering his brother’s unexpected relationship with his fiancee and decides to give a miss to visit his house- ‘Old place’ for Christmas vacation! The story has a smooth flow mentioning side characters well too such as Jude’s niece, role played by George- a farmer, Orielle- shopkeeper, Michael -Jude’s brother and others. The story naturally has anticipated vibes between Jude and Holly,but reading them gives us feel warm and in cocoon.

We get sweet feeling when characters fall in love without realising. When their love blossom and their happy, romantic, passionate feelings give readers fulfillment.
Sometimes we like to read perfect happy ended light books and ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ has it all in it!


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