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Book – Papillon
Author – Henri Charrière
Genre – Autobiography
Published –1969

🦋Firstly I would like to mention this book was instant sensation & bestseller right after its publication back in 1969 &maintained number 1 position for 21weeks with 1.5 million copies sold alone in France that time! 239 editions since then sold and translated in more than 25 languages.

🦋Secondly I would like to tell the readers, this book is really very big. You literally need time and patience. But I can vouch that after reading it completely, you will be mesmorised to read his journey with goosebumps maybe & also will feel great joy of reading a huge& worthy real story!

1969 Adventure Autobiography

🦋Henrie Charrière also known as “Papillon” (French word for butterfly) is petty criminal wrongly condemned for murder and sentenced to life in a French penal colony in French Guiana,South America. This modern classic memoir have adrenaline rush,excitement, tension, adventure, determination, anxiety and super thrill!!! In 42 days itself he tries to break free for the first time. He was caught and put back in prison. In 13 years he makes 9 incredible and treacherous failed attempts from the prisonerships. After surviving the lepor’s colony,pigeon Island he lands on to Devil’s island….. which NOBODY ever escaped! By merely observing that every seventh wave was large enough to carry floating objects which he experimented with coconuts filled sack,he implemented it drifting and surviving for days with coconut pulp,gets almost caught in quicksand depending on pig to find a way out reaching British Guiana and finally Venezuela.
This was just one illustration from his tale.
Surviving shark infested sea,island full of diseases and dying humans, total isolation,hard labour, brutality,harsh conditions were all massive deals he endured.

🔐 This gripping courageous and uplifting odyssey of an innocent man is outstanding and must read!!!🦋


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