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The Indian Reading Duo

Book- The Dutch House
Author- Ann Patchet
Genre- Fiction
Published- Sep 2019

🏡Sometimes wonderful things can not be seen or touched,but can be read. The book connected to me just naturally.

✍️It is a story of siblings Danny and Maeve Conroy growing up in the Dutch House which was bought by their father as a surprise for their mother who believes in social causes like Mother Teresa,hence leaves for India in pursuit of helping poor when Meave was ten &Danny merely three years old. Meave looks after Danny motherly taking charge amicably.

✍️The house is illustrated beautifully as we get clear picture of details and can feel the warmth of it as children cherish their younger days there. Can’t dwell every incident as their life unfolds but with time they separate from each other and from their house. What circumstances unite them,their bond and emotions make us nostalgic too!

✍️This book is my first Patchett read and got to know it was finalist for 2020 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and I simply adored it a lot.


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