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Book – The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Author – Taylor Jenkins Reid
Published – 2017
Genre – Fictional Biography

1️⃣First of all deep down in my heart I was always fascinated by book’s name since the protagonist clearly seems to had seven weddings,so what made her separate from them or chase one after the other!

2️⃣Second, I purposely ignored it assuming it must be some fancy and sensuous dragged story!!

3️⃣But third, I noticed readers giving 4stars and 5stars to it!!! So let me clarify about my notions being wrong about it as I totally liked it!!! Wish I had read this sooner.…

💃🏻Monique Grant, 35 is struggling writer from Newyork working in Esteemed ‘Vivant’ gets an opportunity to interview The Evelyn Hugo! She wonders why she was chosen since she’s still hardly a year old in company and stunned to know it was Evelyn’s condition! Personally stressing over differences with husband and on professionally she has the carpe diem – Evelyn Hugo.

💃🏻As a child Evelyn was fascinated by her mother’s dreams of making big in Hollywood. Since she is always in her mother’s shadow, her life shatters down when she expires. She is a teenager with inattentive father. She merely marries first time to get rid of the mess she was living in when she was fifteen,but hiding her real age! Story further unfurls her entire life including her six weddings and show business. Throughout the story I realised one thing that Evelyn is very charming and pretty. Due to her heavy bust she was considered sex symbol too other than hot celebrity status she was known also the one who wins an Oscars too!

💃We get a closer look in Evelyn’s life, her truths, rumours about her, facts, true love, happiness, unhappiness, weddings, divorces, ambitions, friendships, scandles, achievements, secrets and void of her life too!

💃🏻I can have only praise for this book and Taylor for narrating such powerful story of strong protagonist ‘Evelyn Hugo‘. Towards epilogue we realise that Evelyn’s present days are intersecting with Monique’s and that is why she was chosen to know her lifestory!

💃🏻All the characters are intriguing. They are so well introduced and developed further that at times I really forgot it’s fiction! I even visualised the bold& beautiful Hollywood Diva Liz Taylor who married 8 times in real life. Or maybe author considered Ava Gardner! Whoever she got influenced from,but I personally totally loved Evelyn Hugo, liked Harry’s character and respected her equation with Celia St James!


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