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The sweetest romedy 💫

Name- The Unhoneymooners

Author- Christina Lauren
Genre-Rom com
Published in – 2019

❤️I picked up this book for various reasons.
Firstly its written by two authors who met online through fan fictions and then went on to be successful co authors,  proof being their latest hit book the unhoneymooners.
Secondly I wanted a light fun read. A much needed change from reading thriller, suspense, horror etc.🙃

❤️Olive and Ami are twins. Olive is shy with low profile persona and Ami is smart, self centred and high profile life. Ami is all prepared for her dream wedding when it crashes down with whole family gets food poisoned turning it into a poor show! 🤮

❤️ Olive is supposed to take her twin sister’s honeymoon vacation as Ami insists her persuading to take due to their bad health not allowing them to attend and the package being non refundable. So Olive could not deny her sister’s wish.🤐

❤️The twist follows in such way that she has to take it with grooms elder brother Dane who is her nemesis.🙄

❤️What follows is a series of comical situations and the high tension romantic atmosphere! Meeting unexpected people in unexpected situation just adds spice to the story.😋

❤️Do they fight the entire 20 days of their all paid Maui fake honeymoon or do they actually enjoy pretending to be married?🤔

❤️The answer is portrayed sweetly in many ways that will leave you in splits. After days, I have picked up a book that left me chuckling and laughing due to its sweet innocence and comic timing.😍

❤️And yeah one thing from the book that stuck with me that you need to be yourself and whole universe will arrange for it. The happiness lies within you and follow your heart always.❤️



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